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Taizhou Xinhaosheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd is leading Custom Stool Manufacturers and Custom Stool factory. The products have been exported to many countries, especially to Europe and America, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Korea etc. Factory direct sales, scale production, cost advantage. Some samples can be sent out within 1-3 days after our confirmation. Customized samples cost a sample fee and take 7-10 days to make. Strong design and R&D strength, efficient product innovation, Long establishment and experienced production. Personalized Stool direct from xinhaosheng - manufacturer & supplier.

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What Is The Stool?
This stool features a lightweight design and an ergonomic seat that provides cushioned comfort. The durable steel frame is built to last and withstand daily use. Designed to provide comfort during your time in the bathroom, this stool offers a place to rest tissues and a magazine while you use the restroom. This stool is designed to be placed in the kitchen, where it fits well with other kitchen stools that are often used as extra seating when family and friends stop by. With its height-adjustable option, it can fit perfectly on your table or countertop. The polished wood and wood construction make this stool both sturdy and durable.
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